Commit d1d179bd authored by Tim Niemeyer's avatar Tim Niemeyer
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Fixed logging url and file cleanup

parent 20ec98ae
# Save log
mkdir -p /usr/lib/ath9k-watchdog
UPLOAD_URL='http://[$(uci get configurator.@api[0].ipv6_address)%$(uci get configurator.@api[0].ipv6_interface)]/ath9k-crash/'
UPLOAD_URL="http://[$(uci get configurator.@api[0].ipv6_address)%$(uci get configurator.@api[0].ipv6_interface)]/ath9k-crash/"
WGETC=$(which wget)
# CD to avoid annoying prefixes
cd /usr/lib/ath9k-watchdog
#Poll directory every 10 secs
#Poll directory every 60 secs
while [ 1 = 1 ]
for f in $(ls .); do
$WGETC -q $UPLOAD_URL?$(cat $f) -O - && rm $f
sleep 10
sleep 60
# If there are more than 15 files, assume that files cannot be uploaded
# Delete oldest files in order to avoid jffs-overflow
ls -t | sed -e '1,15d' | xargs -d '\n' rm 2> /dev/null
ls -t | sed -e '1,15d' | xargs rm 2> /dev/null
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