Commit b8120af0 authored by Bjoern Franke's avatar Bjoern Franke
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fastdreg: ugly hack: add temporarily to /etc/hosts

parent 3dd5a34c
......@@ -10,9 +10,15 @@ pubkey=$(/etc/init.d/fastd show_key mesh_vpn)
regdone=$(uci get fastdreg.ffnw.regdone)
if [ "$regdone" -ne "1" ]; then
cp /etc/hosts /etc/hosts.tmp
echo "" >> /etc/hosts
reg=$(wget -T15 "$keysrv/reg.php?name=$hostname&key=$pubkey" -O -)
if [ "$reg" == "regdone" ]; then
uci set fastdreg.ffnw.regdone=1
uci commit
rm /etc/hosts
mv /etc/hosts.tmp /etc/hosts
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