Commit 5bd8b721 authored by Lorenz Wenner's avatar Lorenz Wenner

Merge branch '20200430' into 'master'

fastd ist rausgeflogen

See merge request lrnzo/firmware-signing-made-easy!8
parents 8de92840 fb498b48
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ cd "$FREIFUNKPATH" || exit
#~ for RELEASE in $(git -C gluon/site/ tag | grep -E '2017[0-9]{4}' | grep -v 20171220);do scp$RELEASE/sysupgrade/stable.manifest manifests/$RELEASE.manifest;done
#~ for VPN in fastd l2tp; do for RELEASE in $(git -C gluon/site/ tag | grep -E '(20171220|201[89][0-9]{4}|20[2-9][0-9]{4})');do scp$VPN/$RELEASE/sysupgrade/stable.manifest manifests/$VPN.$RELEASE.manifest;done;done
for VPN in l2tp fastd; do
for VPN in l2tp; do
wget -qO "$VPN.$RELEASE.$FILE" "$VPN/$RELEASE/sysupgrade/$FILE"
csplit -s -f "$VPN.$RELEASE.$FILE-part" "$VPN.$RELEASE.$FILE" '/---/'
sed -i '1d' "$VPN.$RELEASE.$FILE-part01"
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